I take photographs. Does that make me a photographer? Maybe it should be the only definition. I have a few cameras, a lot of lenses, tri-
pods, a mono-pod, microphones, and a few other pieces of equipment. I don't have any lighting, any lens filters, any Adobe software. I
don't have any DSLRs, I use Panasonic Mirrorless Cameras. I put them in my camera bags, get in the car and head off, most of the time without plan, (some would say, "like the rest of your life"). I take photos and work with images, nothing more. I have no desire to be a technical guru, or a master photographer. I can't teach what I do. There is nothing to learn. It happens.
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Taken as I sat over a pizza at Frogs and Roses on Kangaroo Island.
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Sitting in the car at Kingscote Jetty.
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Low down at the Bay of Shoals Winery
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The wonder of Kangaroo Island roads